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Service Of Process - Litigation Support Division

Service of Process ranges from serving cooperative individuals on a routine 'knock and serves' to extensive investigation and locating the individual who is to be served. The Process may be a Small Claims, Summons related to a multi-million dollar lawsuit, Subpoena of a hostile witness, or eviction of a non-paying client. In many cases the training, experience and ability of the Server means success or failure. Our Investigators have traveled from the remote areas of Honduras, to the back mountains of Mexico and almost every state locating individuals and serving various types of Process.

BIS utilizes extensive databases available to investigators to locate individuals, conduct asset searches and much more. We can effectively handle your case, from the Small Claims to the High-end international case and get you results.


Nationwide Service - Our extensive affiliate base allows service anywhere in the United States and most foreign countries.

Success Rate- Our success rate is second to none. Our investigators stand ready for the "impossible" serves.

Experience - There is no substitute for experience. Our Investigators and Servers are time tested.

Trained - State requirements for investigators are stringent. In addition, we provide extensive training to our Process Servers.

Results - If a party can be served; we will serve them. If not, we prepare the proper Due Diligence correctly and accurately.

Knowledge - We are familiar with the rules and laws regarding Service Of Process. We do it properly including times of day, substitute service, mailings, postings and other requirements. We will not get you sanctioned.

Realistic Turn Around Time - In most situations, we can serve the Process within 2 weeks, or provide a Declaration Of Diligence.

Rush Service - We offer Same Day and Rush 3 Day Service as needed.

Absolute Serves - Our investigation section can handle your high profile or high end cases where the individual or entity 'must be personally served'. We will find them and serve them, anywhere.

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