22 Real Estate Social Media Posts & Templates For 2022

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Content leads to contracts. We all know that we should be posting more on social media, but what should we be posting? The following are 22 social media post ideas that will help you grow your reach, increase engagement, and lead to more business.

1. ‘Check this out’ social media posts

One of the best parts of our business is the ability to see amazing homes. Whether it’s amazing kitchens, breathtaking views, a stunning pool, outdoor living space, or simply a cozy living room, showing highlights of properties you visit is a great source for real estate social media content.

Take a photo or quick video with a caption like, “Check out this amazing kitchen! To see photos and details of the home that comes with this kitchen go here (link to property).”

2. Testimonials

Sharing personal testimonials and reviews is a powerful way to market yourself on social media. It reminds people that you are doing business while the testimony of another creates a natural trust in you as an agent.

The post should focus on thanking the client for the kind words and how much you appreciated working with them. The actual testimonial should be on a social media graphic to enhance the professional look of the post.

3. What I love about this business

Sharing your passion for real estate is always a good idea. Excitement draws a crowd and when you post positively about your business, you become magnetic. A few examples of these posts are:

I love mornings like this! Today, I was able to hand the keys to a new home to a great family that trusted me to find the perfect home for them.

What I love about real estate is getting to see homes like this one (picture of home).

Feeling thankful for the opportunity to help the owners of this great home (picture of home) sell for above listing price and in 14 days.

4. ‘Help me out’ posts

Do you have a buyer that you just can’t seem to find a home for? Asking for help finding a home for a buyer is a great way to build awareness that you are actively working for your clients, and potentially find them a home. This is an example of one of these posts:

Lil’ Help Please! I have a client looking for a 3 bedroom home in (certain area) with a garage. If you know of someone who might consider selling, I would really appreciate an introduction to see if it might be a win/win for the seller and this buyer.

5. ‘My first real estate post’ memory

Sharing memories from your real estate journey can show how far you’ve come. These posts pop up in your Facebook memories or you can scroll through your feed on Facebook or Instagram to find an old post that you can repost. An example of this post could be:

Thanks to all my clients that have helped my business come so far since this post (your first post announcing you sold real estate).

6. Before and after photos

There is a reason that renovation or fix-it-and-flip-it shows on TV do so well. People love to see a transformation. Before and after posts of remodels do extremely well on social media. Posting side-by-side pictures is a great way to increase your engagement.

7. People think real estate is this, but it’s actually this

Most people think real estate agents live a life of leisure. They don’t see agents straightening rooms, taking out garbage, making beds, or sweeping a front porch before a showing. Documenting these activities will humanize you and your business. It helps build a bond with your followers as a person and not just a salesperson.

Share a photo of you sweeping a porch before a showing with a caption that says, “Most people think real estate is glamorous, but they forget we are often part of the custodial and maintenance staff.”

8. Just listed

Sharing “just listed” posts is a great way to highlight your listing and remind people you’re active in your business. These posts should be shared occasionally, but not every day. If all you post are property details, your connections will be turned off. However, adding a “just listed property” post every so often is a great reminder that you are generating business.

9. My favorite closing gifts

These could be closing gifts that you are given or that you give to your buyers or sellers. The more personalized the gift, the better. These posts show your appreciation for clients and that you are doing business.

10. My favorite real estate tools

Do you have a favorite tool or app that you use in your business? Is it something that someone else might find useful? By helping others through sharing time-saving apps, you could trigger the law of reciprocity where others will want to help you.

11. Under contract

These posts are a great way to congratulate your client on going under contract. They show your appreciation for your clients and for the business you have. Make them the hero in these posts, not you. Post a social graphic of the home with a pending banner across it with the following language:

I’m so excited to have the opportunity to assist the family that is now under contract for this home. I can’t wait to see all the family memories unfold for them here.

12. Tuesday Tips

Developing a series for posts is a great idea. The consistency of posting the same type of quote each week develops a cadence for you and for your followers. An example of this would be a Tuesday Tip series where you share the answer to a frequently asked question or tips on how to make the process of buying or selling easier.

13. My go-to business or service provider for (whatever)

Shining a light on other businesses or service providers in your community is a great way to increase awareness and to create an opportunity to grow your referral network. Think of highlighting a local flower shop, local book store, heating and cooling company, landscaper, etc.

Make sure you tag the business or person when you make the post, and they will often share your post with their followers. This creates an opportunity for you to grow your social media connections as their followers find you.

14. Things you may not know about (your city)

Every community has unique stories about how it began, the people that have lived there, or the history of the name of the community. Tell the stories about your community and you will be amazed at the engagement it will generate.

15. 7 things to do before selling

These are the types of posts that help future sellers, and they give you the ability to reach potential listings when they are in the preparation phase. Post a list of things a seller should do before putting their home on the market with an invitation for a free, no-obligation walk-through of their home to make suggestions on how to maximize their sales price. These posts lead to listings.

16. 7 things to do before buying

Like #15, these posts can reach future buyers early in the process. Provide a list of things a future buyer should do and offer a free, no-obligation appointment to share ways to save time and money through the buying process.

17. Video walk-through of a listing

Pictures can only tell part of the story, but a walk-through video of a listing gives a potential buyer a better feel for the flow of a home. Walk-through videos can easily be done using your iPhone or Android phone. This is a little beyond what most agents do, and extra effort is always rewarded.

18. Friday favorite

By posting your Friday Favorite home each week, you are sharing outstanding properties and consistently reminding your followers that you are actively looking for the best homes on the market.

19. Behind the scenes

People love to feel like they are a part of something. Documenting parts of your day or showing them the process of running your business creates a connection. Post a behind-the-scenes look at hosting an open house, launching a listing, or attending a home inspection. These posts are great for deepening relationships and giving your followers the ability to feel like they are part of your business.

20. My favorite restaurant for (whatever)

I mentioned highlighting local businesses above, but highlighting local restaurants is also a great way to shine a light on a local business and grow your following as well. Highlight your favorite meal at the local restaurant and give them a shoutout in your post by tagging them. These posts are a mainstay for local agents with an expanding social media presence.

21. Just sold

We don’t want to overwhelm our feeds with sold posts but thanking your client for allowing you to assist them in the process and congratulating them on the sale/purchase should be done regularly. Another great way to shine a light on others with just sold posts is to tag and thank the lender, the title company, the inspector, and anyone else involved in the transaction.

22. What I love about our community

Highlighting your love for your community is one of the best ways to grow your real estate business through social media marketing. Highlight local charities that are positively impacting your community. Share details about local events or farmer’s markets you enjoy. By sharing your passion for your local community, you’ll magnetically attract others that love it as well.

This is the year to take your social media game to the next level. The possibilities for posts are unlimited but these 22 should give you a running start on making this your most impactful year on social media.

Jimmy Burgess is the Chief Growth Officer for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Beach Properties of Florida in Northwest Florida. Connect with him on Facebook or Instagram.


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