4 Reasons Why Smart Women Offer To Pick Up The Check During A Date

For as long as I can remember, I was always told that when going out with a man that he should pay.

I was the prize in a relationship and should be treated as such. I was to be courted. As I began to jump into my teenage years, I enjoyed going out with guys, even if they were just friends.

They always held open doors for me and always paid the bill no matter where we went, just like my father. Being treated like this had become my norm.

Then I got to college and my outlook on how relationships worked changed a little.

As I found myself in a relationship during my freshman year of college, I realized that I didn’t mind either splitting the bill or completely covering the bill sometimes.

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I was only successful in completely covering the bill about two times. Even in those two moments, I noticed how uncomfortable my then-boyfriend felt when I took out my card and handed it to the waiter.

He wasn’t happy about it at all.

I remember him saying that he would rather us split the bill than have me pay for it on my own. I couldn’t understand why someone wouldn’t like to enjoy a free outing.

My parents then explained that for a guy, picking up the tab is the chivalrous and manly thing to do that when out with the woman you are courting.


Christin Hakim

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