A Smart Girl Never Falls For Someone Who Already Loves Someone Else

Too many women fall in love with men who are already falling for someone else. For every other cheating scumbag out there, there’s one woman who falls in love with him, knowing he’s taken.

And behind every situation involving a woman desperately chasing an emotionally unavailable man, there’s a man who is also already in love with someone else.

In either case, they’re basically both into people other than the girl who wants to be with them.

Being with a man who’s already into someone else causes a world of pain for all parties involved.

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If he’s dating the person he fell for, you’re putting yourself in a position that will make everyone hate you, should the truth come out. In both being the other woman and running after a guy who’s interested in someone else, you end up wasting time on someone who will never make you a top priority.

Whether we want to admit it or not, a man who’s already in love with someone else already has his priority. No matter how hard you work, how many flaws you point out in their current partner, or how frequently you give them “reality checks,” he will not make you his number one.

The reason why this almost never works out is two-fold.

First, he’s already into someone else, more than he’s into you. He has made his choice and it’s not you. Secondly, by just sticking around and handing him little rewards for even showing you attention, you’ve already sent him the message that you are an option.

You’re telling him that you’re willing to share his attention and that he’s so important to you that you’ll sacrifice your own happiness for a slice. Moreover, you’re also saying you don’t value yourself enough to stand up for yourself.


Christin Hakim

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