An Introduction to Satyajit Ray, The Celebrated Film Director With Synopses of His Masterpieces

I experienced already read anything about motion pictures of Satyajit Ray, doyen of Indian movies. The 1st movie I noticed was Pratitwandi (The adversary) in 1971. I was utilized in an all India task and experienced the prospect to function in all the metro metropolitan areas of India. Anywhere I went, I by no means missed to see Ray films. It was a pleasant practical experience of everyday living to view his motion pictures.

This short article is made up of the impressions which the movies established in me and I hope that viewers will agree with my observation that he is a poet, artist and a sculpture among the film producers/directors. Also a synopsis of every single movie has also been provided so that viewers might have an knowledge of the concept of the film below discussion.

On the other hand, a phrase of caution is that it involves a perception of appreciation of wonderful arts to appreciate flicks of Ray. A single must automatically be a connoisseur to respect his movies. There are adverse critics also for some of his videos that he portrayed the poverty of India abroad. The reality is that he was daring enough to emphasize which other producers were being fearful to contact.

Synopses of some of his very best movies in the chronological get of my viewing them are as follows:

1. Pratitwandi- The adversary:

Pratitwandi which usually means Adversary remains to be the initially film of Ray observed by me. It was a nice Sunday early morning the hall which screened the movie was most fashionable with high course devices. The film Pratitwandi was a new release and the print of the movie was quite great. The moment the tiles started functioning on the screen, I was engrossed in the movie.

The story was about an educated, unemployed lad, whose brain was tilted to the path of violence slowly. The year 1971 witnessed a excellent exodus of refugees from Bangladesh (Erstwhile East Pakistan) to Calcutta. From South (Andhra Pradesh) a new violent motion termed Naxalbari motion started by Charu Majumdar started out spreading and its loyalists had been recognized as Naxalites.

Famed writer Sunil Gangobadhyaya wrote the story and Mr Ray portrayed it in an exemplary method.

The hero’s title was Siddhartha. He was a relaxed and peaceful lad whilst his young brother selected the path of a naxalite, wedded to bomb culture.

The critical aspect of the movie was to explain how Siddhartha’s brain was also tilted in direction of violence because of unemployment. He started out brooding violence in his head little by little and lastly when a mob was viewed mercilessly beating a cab driver dependable for an accident, he joined them in beating the driver even with out being aware of the reason.

“Personal Bengali is a poet, but a Bengali crowd is a violent mob”, this is a famed proverb and it was proved effectively by this scene.

The previous scene was about an interview. Dozens of youth were referred to as to go to. But there was no seating arrangement, no drinking h2o and only suffocation was there. A person by a person, the candidates began swooning for want of water and air and the hero entered the cabin with a bang. In a spate of anger he threw all the papers on the faces of interview board members and obtained out of the chamber. Naxalite feelings ended up running in excess of his brain alongside with portraits of Naxalite leaders..

‘That is how a naxalite is created’. This was the concept of the movie…

But the photograph ended with good notice. He did not turn into a naxalite. He obtained a modest assignment of a clinical representative and he experienced a sweetheart who affected him to be a usual youth, shunning the way of violence. There was location for like also in his lifetime..

The Impressions: The directorial touches were outstanding in numerous scenes. A single important scene was about the naxalite turned brother. When he was an urchin he was unable to tolerate a rooster getting killed by butcher, but later he applied to destroy mercilessly by throwing bombs. What a spectacular irony!

I could by no means fail to remember the facial expression of the school child sitting down inside the automobile, looking at the violence with bewildered eyes, when the vehicle driver was crushed to loss of life by the mob.

After coming out of the corridor, I was unable to go to my home. The total day, I was wandering around the city, the contents of the movie lingering on my thoughts.

No question, it is 1 the finest photographs of Indian Cinema.

2. Teenager Kanya- Tales of 3 women.

The following film I observed was Teenager Kanya, a tale of 3 women. A few independent tales of 3 ladies were being clubbed into a solitary movie and possibly might be the initial these endeavor in India. The names of the a few stories are, ‘Post Grasp, Monihar and Samapti’ respectively. The tale was by the fantastic Poet Rabindra Nath Tagore. However the film was created in 1961, I noticed it only in 1972. It was an old print and photos were being not clear. Still I was capable to value the movie since of its rich contents.

To start with tale: ‘Post Master’ was about a youthful individual posted as the write-up learn in a hamlet. The only fellow who was to help him was a youthful orphan girl baby. Slowly fantastic friendship blossomed in between them He took personalized desire to teach her to browse and compose. Alas, when she begun discovering some thing, he acquired a transfer and experienced to leave.

Impressions: Words could not reveal the despair in the girl’s eyes, when the article Grasp left the hamlet.

Two scenes are value mentioning. The post grasp bought significant fever. When he was hesitant to swallow the pill, the urchin grabbed the pill and started out chewing on his behalf to display how quick to swallow a pill. In a different scene, he had an experience with terrible mad fellow. The full night he was sitting in advance of him sleepless out of panic. But, the future early morning, when the woman frequented him she just shouted ‘go, go’ and the ‘horrible’ lunatic ran absent.

The next tale was about a stunning, prosperous and married lady who had an un-pure loss of life and haunted a villa. Sad to say, this part was not readily available to watch.

The 3rd tale was about an un-willing young bridegroom wedded to an immature female who was not informed of marital relationships. How she came in time period with her spouse and begun loving him was told in a jovial method. This episode was afterwards generated as a entire duration Hindi film.

3. Pather Panchali- The Roadside Song:

Pather Panchali was the to start with film created by Ray (in 1955) with the monetary support of Government of West Bengal. But it took five years for me to look at that film right after I saw 1st a Ray movie. I could vouchsafe that it was an working experience of lifestyle. The recognition and awards supplied to the movie have been far too minimal compared to the greatness of the motion picture.

The unique story was published by Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay, a well-known Bengali creator and the screenplay was by Ray himself. The audio was scored by Pandit Ravisankar, a renowned sitar player.

The story revolved about a very poor family of 5 from a village viz: The spouse and children head

Harihar, his widowed sister, wife, daughter Durga and son Apu. The movie was about their poverty and nevertheless they made use of to come across enjoyment in savoring the smaller pleasures Nature delivered them with. The kids walked kilometres from the village to look at a shifting coach. The scene could easily be when compared to the train scene of Dr Zhivago.

Mother experienced the weakness of stealing coconuts from the neighbour’s yard. 1 working day the neighbourhood woman misplaced her bead necklace and the blame fell on the daughter. But she firmly refuted the charge. The father left the village and went to an not known town for betterment of his livelihood. The loved ones entered into utter poverty. The woman Durga fully drenched in rain h2o was severely attacked with viral fever and without acquiring any professional medical reduction she was dead. The house is in utter ruins.

Following some decades, the father chose to return to the village. He was stunned to see the ruins of the residence. Even so, he began displaying the valuables, he brought from town. When he was in search of Durga his wife fell to his toes and started off crying. He also started out crying after realising that his daughter was no much more alive.

They make a decision to go away the village for fantastic and begun moving in a bullock cart.

The film ended with a completely touching scene. When clearing the outdated vessels. Apu uncovered the neighbour’s at the time dropped necklace from a mud pot. For one particular next he was perplexed, but the future minute, he threw it into the pond and joined the bullock cart.

No question, the movie richly justifies the ‘Best Human document’ award in the Cannes movie festival of 1956 and it continues to be to be a single of the greatest films of the planet. This is first of the three movies recognized as Apu Trilogy.

4. Charulata, The lonely spouse:

This is the tale of a younger married lady. The lonely spouse was disillusioned with her husband who was a workaholic, always occupied with his publishing will work, not acquiring time to choose care of her. The bewildered spouse acquired solace in the corporation of brother of her partner and fell in really like with him. Simply because of the intense like and passion, the brother had for his elder brother, he gently rejected her love and nothing untoward occurred. On the other hand, when the husband understood about the intention of his spouse, the couple were being psychologically separated.

Impressions: The woman observing the innocent brother in regulation from a swing was a really well known scene acknowledged as ‘the swing scene’ and the alter in her mind from affection to appreciate was very powerfully depicted. In India, a sister in regulation (brother’s wife) is deemed equal to mom. It is incredibly tricky to portray a lady normally which Ray did powerfully.

The tale was by Rabindranath Tagore and noted to be a reflection of some incidents in his lifestyle.

5. Ghare Baire, Home and the environment:

It is an adaptation of Rabindranath Tagore’s tale with the very same title which means Property and the earth. It powerfully exposes the pseudo patriots (swadeshis), who cheat community Indians stating that they are fighting imperialism and market local economy.

The story was about a broad minded vicar who gave whole flexibility to his wife. He invited his friend, supposed to be a ‘Swadeshi’ (Patriotic Indian leader) but truly not so. The leader, by his crafty methods won the coronary heart of vicar’s wife who wished to get component in the liberty wrestle. When a communal battle with big violence (involving local Hindu-Muslim population) happened in the village, the chief fails to confront the predicament, whilst, the vicar, intended to be a egocentric rich man, went and satisfied the violent group. There was a sound of distant gunshot indicating that he sacrificed his life. His wife acquired disillusioned and it was far too late. The screenplay was in a flashback narrated from her angle.

Impressions: It needs ton of boldness to generate and to portray these an off-conquer story exposing pseudo leaders. This movie obtained sharp criticism from nearby leaders (Normally).

6. Devi:

The tale: A father in regulation obtained a peculiar aspiration that his daughter in regulation was none other than Devi (Durga, The Goddess) and started worshiping her. Quickly folks in and around the neighbouring villages began pouring in to worship her. When her spouse returned from research, she by no means permitted him to touch her because she was afraid of offending the Divine ability. On the other hand, last but not least he was in a position to influence her that she was only a human and they have been ready to escape the village to go to a faraway area and dwell a standard lifetime.

Impressions: The scenes, when men and women were being changing her as God incarnate and she herself believing it are worth remembering.

7. Ashani shankat (Distant Thunder)

Ashani Shankat is one more motion picture depicting the 1942 famine in Bengal taken in the fashion of Pather Panchali. This is a 1973 film, in color. It is a effective depiction of human psychology subjected to poverty and starvation.

8. Seemapadha (company Limited).

This film, nevertheless only in black and white, is one particular of the most modern themes of Ray. It portrayed how an government did all the crafty tricks in having a coveted promotion. He engineered even an interior strike by making synthetic struggle. He was ruthless, designed a person of his weak team obtaining physically damage to get a strike proposal materialise. Finally he got the promotion by hook and crook.

But in this procedure, he misplaced the good respect and appreciation his younger and wonderful sister in legislation had for him who was disillusioned with her brother in legislation that he would stoop down to any level to get his marketing. A practical solution indeed!

9. Jalsa Ghar (merriment home)

The tale: Jalsa Ghar signifies a household or a corridor reserved for merriment. The tale revolves about a Zamindar (landlord, vicar) who lost all his wealth in unbiased India to be taken above by the Govt. Unfortunately he shed his only son also in a ship wreck. What he retained was only his palatial developing and a trustworthy servant and lived only in the earlier paying most of the time in the vacant Jalsa Ghar in the palace which was a everlasting reminder of his hay times.

But, a good friend of him, who was a mediocre, turned a millionaire by political influence and acquiring substantial contracts. He invited the vicar also to sign up for him in the business to mint dollars but he firmly refused thinking about his past prestige. The regard demonstrated by the friend lessened working day by working day and eventually he refused even to recognise his existence.

Enraged by this, the land lord requested his servant to offer his individual possessions, renovate the Jalsa Ghar and purchased to have a merriment working day at least when to rejoice the previous memoirs. On that working day, absolutely drunk, he drove the horse to beach front facet, lost handle and fell down to death.

The servant took a drop of his blood from his forehead and cries “Khoon” which means that ‘finally the blood is exact purple for all’.

Impressions: The image really powerfully portrayed the emotions and emotions of a king who misplaced his ability and lived in earlier glory, ingratitude of the Govt, the cunning ways of politicians, and finally the tragic finish of a ruler who wished to have his earlier glory at minimum for a one working day and to have his Swan song. To some extent it portrayed the circumstance prevailing in put up Impartial India whereby ex-rulers had been thrown into mud and Neo-politicians took their situation by crooked usually means.

The story was by Sri Tarashankar Bandopadhyay and the lead position was powerfully played by Chabhi Biswas.

I was able to recognise the feelings of the ruler and feelings and my heartfelt sympathies went with him.

This film continues to be to be my most preferred film of Ray.:

I have recorded my impressions of 9 movies generated and directed by Mr Ray. There are some much more films which amazed me pretty much. Some of them are:

Shatranj Ke kiladi (Chess players) the only Hindi motion picture,

Nayak (The Hero),

Aranyer Din Rat (Working day and night in a forest) with typical Ray contact.

Kanchan Junga (A Himalayan Peak)

Considering that they have themes of fantasy, they were not recorded here.

Now I will file the tribute I paid him. I have never ever attended the funeral of any political chief nor movie persona nevertheless there ended up many fatalities in destinations exactly where I lived. But I broke the rule and in 1992, when Ray breathed his final, in Calcutta I went to the place in which his overall body was saved, waited in the queue for hours and compensated my past respects.

This is the biggest tribute a typical guy like me would be in a position to pay out to an artist whom he admired most.

Christin Hakim

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