Bananas entertainment director Zack Frongillo takes us behind the scenes in the team’s prop room

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — The countdown until the first pitch was just moments away, but for entertainment director Zack Frongillo, the show had already begun.

It’s a show that has been weeks in the making, requiring so many props and uniforms that the Bananas have a special room for them all.

In the depths of Grayson Stadium.

“We have a bacon costume,” Frongillo says. “Banana costumes, animal costumes, jerseys. And all that other stuff too. Almost every single one of them, I’m like “why is this here?”

The contents of these shelves and racks look more at home in a party city than with a baseball team.

But this ain’t your average baseball team.

“This is what we call the studio, and the studio is kind of our landing place for all things entertainment,” Frongillo said. “So this is where we lay out all of our props, this is where we lay out everything that’s happening throughout the game.

Frongillo is the man responsible for everything from costumes to color bombs.

“I remember clearly walking in here and just being like oh my gosh, there’s so much stuff. I see yellow toilet seats, I see barney heads, I see so many different things. anything you can imagine was down here.”

“That over there is all pregame. First inning, second inning, third inning,” Frongillo said.

There is, however, a method to all this madness.

“It’s all very scripted and very well-thought-out down to the second, just so we know that everything is going well and everything is in the right place.”

Frongillo’s decisions with the resources down here help entertain thousands of fans up there.

“I think I have probably the most intense view on the show, I would say. I see it a lot more particularly and I nitpick very, very closely on the show because we’re always trying to make it the best show we can,” Frongillo says. “So we’re always plussing and pushing the boundaries of what we can do on a baseball field.

If the props in this room are any indication, there’s plenty of ammo to push those boundaries even further.

That prop room actually had a lot more stuff in it when Frongillo got to Savannah. He had to take out a whole shelving unit, filled with items that hadn’t been used in years.

Fun fact: that room is also where the Bananas record podcasts and video interviews. They really use every square inch of that office space.

Christin Hakim

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