Great Deals on Traffic Control Products from Unimat Traffic

Unimat Traffic may have some excellent deals available when you search for products on the internet market. This is because global recognition for the brand has been established. You can find the best offers in any market and save money while purchasing various goods using the Ubuy platform.

Here are the big deals to shop for and receive the most current. So be sure to look into the most recent Unimat Traffic promotions. On top of that, the website might also feature other fantastic discounts.

Speed bump

Introducing its new Prefab traffic control Speed Humps by a well-known manufacturer of mats, rugs, and other traffic control products were announced to lower the number of road accidents. These speed bumps slow down Traffic while enhancing driver visibility and safety. Unimat Traffic USA produces speed bumps for various uses, including public roads, major highways, and residential streets. Continue reading to find out more about Unimat speed humps.

High-quality materials go into constructing Unimat’s 6-foot Economy Rubber Speed Humps, which slow Traffic to ten to fifteen mph. They can reduce speed and increase the safety of your parking lot or road affordably. They can withstand five years of Traffic and lock together for a simple installation. Speed bumpers and cable protectors are other products that Unimat offers as an alternative. You can alter the Unimat 6-foot Economy Rubber Speed Humps to fit most driveways and parking lots.

Rubber parking blocks

Using rubber parking blocks is a great way to preventvehicle damage in a parking lot. These flexible parking blocks are an excellent option for gravel or paved parking lots with uneven surfaces because they are made to lay flat on most surfaces. Four different types of mounting hardware, including eight-inch lag bolts, 12-inch galvanized steel spikes, and 5-inch “TapCons,” are included with the purchase of rubber parking blocks.

Rubber parking blocks are a great way to prevent rolling tires from damaging a parking space, but they are not long-lasting obstructions. Designed for use on uneven surfaces, rubber parking blocks are more flexible than their concrete counterparts.

Additionally, they can be as much as 90% lighter than a typical concrete parking block. There are numerous options for parking blocks to suit your needs, whether you’re looking for a sturdy parking space barrier or want to give your parking area some decorative flair.

Rubber speed humps

Rubber speed bumps made by Unimat Traffic are intended to slow down cars in areas where speeding is an issue. They are available in various lengths and profiles, ranging from three to twenty feet. To maintain a slower speed in a particular area, these humps work best when placed in series along lengthy corridors. You can install these speed bumps on concrete or asphalt surfaces.

The Unimat 6-foot Economy Rubber Speed Humps are a great option if you’re looking for a cost-effective parking lot solution. These bumps cause cars to slow down to at least 10-15 mph. They work well in public spaces like schools, retirement homes, and other settings. To help protect and lessen Traffic, these speed bumps also include cable guards and protectors.

Rubber parking blocks cost

The Unimat company has invested in its infrastructure, machinery, and workforce, allowing it to adapt quickly to retail trends. Its staff members are knowledgeable and skilled, taking pleasure in forging lasting bonds with clients and colleagues. For instance, the Unimat Advantage parking block comprises 20% virgin and 80% recycled rubber. Its four-hole mounting system offers a quick, discrete installation and is incredibly strong.

Christin Hakim

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