Here is How You Can Make Your Wi-Fi Work Faster

After “what should I eat next”, “how to make the Wi-Fi faster” is the most common question popping in our minds these days. 

Currently, our lives are highly dependent on Wi-Fi signals and internet speed. It has been so for many years now but with the pandemic-induced lifestyle, our household needs high-speed internet service as much as other home necessities like electricity and water. 

With a mix of working and learning from home, we have developed new internet habits that require good Wi-Fi signals. For instance, even now, as the vaccination rates are increasing, many of us prefer to continue working, shopping, and interacting online. Not only has this but our homes speak of internet adaption with smart TVs, home security cameras, and much more. 

With so much dependency, leaving internet connection and Wi-Fi functioning on its own can cause difficulty. If you want your Wi-Fi signals to remain sharp and up to the mark, you have to make some effort. 

Following are some of the ways that can help our readers in bringing good function to their Wi-Fi at home. 

Time to Tick off the Essentials

In the true IT fashion, this is the time when a blog guides you to make the most obvious moves in the history of fixing Wi-Fi. That is right you have to do the miraculous switching your Wi-Fi off and then turning it back on. You might think that this extremely common tip is not going to fix your problems, but trust us going with the essentials can sometimes be the right move. 

Next up — check if your neighbor is having the same internet issue. This move is useful only when other people on your street have the same internet service provider. 

Last but the most annoying tip would be to wait. Sometimes after switching our Wi-Fi off, then back on helps in establishing the lost signals but it requires some patience. 

Check the Best Deal

Having the best Internet service provider seems like a dream for many. We all have been through a phase, where we are stuck with a slow and incompetent internet service provider for months. However, now with absolutely no value at stake, you can choose a good internet service provider in your area with just some clicks. For instance, having an internet connection from Cox Communication is as simple as shopping for groceries online. With Cox Internet Plans, you have all the advantages in choosing a package that suits your budget and home internet needs. 

Here you need to be vigilant first to understand which internet package would be best suited for you.

Test Your Speed

Before you switch to another internet service provider, make sure you have checked the internet speed of your existing Wi-Fi. Tons of websites help users in checking their internet speed such as broadband speed tests in Compare the Market. The speed test provides you with the information of your download, upload speed, and helps you compare your connection with other internet service providers in your area. 

Lastly, Place Your Router Correctly

Another common yet useful tip is to position your router correctly to make sure your router is not blocked by a huge object and is at the perfect angle for the right signals. 

Christin Hakim

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