How to Block a Person in Outlook and Stop Receiving Emails?


Outlook is one of the most popular email clients that allows you to manage your multiple email accounts from one location. Besides, you can fulfill your both personal professional emailing requirements from your single Outlook account. While sending and receiving emails are two most common uses of Outlook, the Outlook block sender feature allows you to stop receiving emails from a specific person. Once you block someone on Outlook, you won’t receive any emails from the blocked person, until you unblock him/her. 

Here, we will guide you through the series of steps involved in blocking an email address so that you stop receiving any email from that person. Read on to explore how!

Why Do You Need to Block Someone?

Instances might occur when you receive an unwanted email from someone whom you don’t know. Further, if that email is of no use to you or if it is really of no importance, you might think of blocking that email sender so that you stop receiving any further emails from that person. The emails can also be related to sales & marketing, offers, and promotions. You’d certainly not want to receive such emails in Outlook, especially if it is for your professional use. In such cases, users often wonder how to set out of office Outlook so that they can avoid replying to the emails received from any unknown person.

Once you block an email in Outlook, if you want, you can unblock that person and start receiving further emails from that person.

Stepwise Process to Block Someone in Outlook

Now that you are aware of the reason why you need to block a person in Outlook, read on to explore how to do this. Here’s a look at the series of steps involved in the process:

  1. Login to your Outlook account using a desktop computer, laptop, or any other compatible device.
  2. Once you are logged into your account, click on the ‘Inbox’ folder.
  3. Now, select the email (s) or the sender (s) whom you want to block and stop receiving emails from.
  4. Using the top toolbar, click on ‘Junk’, followed by ‘Block’.
  5. Click on ‘OK’ and you will notice that all the selected emails are deleted and you won’t receive further emails from the blocked email addresses.

By following the series of steps mentioned above, you can ensure that your Outlook Inbox remains free from any unwanted emails. In case you now have queries like how to send encrypted email in Outlook, then you need to follow some simple steps and ensure that your email content is protected from potential online hackers. To do so, once you complete composing an email in Outlook, click on File, followed by Properties and a click on ‘Security Settings’. Further, you can select the ‘Encrypt message contents and attachments’ checkbox, and click on ‘OK’  to send the encrypted email. When you send an encrypted email from Outlook, only the designated email recipient will be able to see the content of your email. This ensures a high security of any of your personal or secret information on Outlook.

Christin Hakim

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