How your business can prepare for a mergers & acquisitions transaction

Your team has worked hard to get the M&A deal done and the close is here, opening the door to day one of integration. But have you properly prepared for this day and the days that follow?

Being very clear on the impact this transaction will have on all involved is extremely important. While you do not need to share everything in great detail, if you are clear up front it can help alleviate many concerns and distractions, as well as allow individuals to identify new opportunities.

In all transactions, there are a series of actions that should take place in a tightly coordinated sequence — not just on the day of closing, but in the weeks surrounding it. Many of these events are critical to keeping operations running and teams focused. While having the overall plan mapped is key, it is important to  prioritize actual day one changes to just those that absolutely must take place on or before day one — and then execute them flawlessly and communicate about them persistently.


Communication must be clear and concise — and cover all customers, employees, vendors, and other key stakeholders. What does this deal mean to them on day one, and when should they expect day two information?

Christin Hakim

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