Massive Advantage of Using Plasma Cutting Machine


The plasma cutting machine is a great tool for many reasons. The best part about it is that it can be used for both metal and non-metal materials. This makes it much more versatile than other types of cutting machines in the market.

 Plasma is an ionized gas that has been sparked by electricity to become highly energized. In this state, it can be directed to do work or burn through the material using extremely high temperatures without charring the surrounding area because the flame does not reach out past the point where it begins.

The use of plasma cutting machine has many benefits over traditional fabrication machines such as Lathes and Milling Machines:

  • The first benefit to this machine is how much faster the process is than other machines. The machine works by sending out a continuous current of about 24,000 amps through an electrode that is 20mm in diameter and uses this energy to release the plasma. This process can be done up to 5 times faster than any Milling or Lathe Machine.
  • Secondly, plasma cutting machines are able to cut through various materials without issue. These materials include steel, aluminum, copper, brass and even titanium. This allows the user to use one machine repeatedly throughout their manufacturing process without worrying about different equipment for every material input they have into the system.
  • The third benefit of using plasma cutting machines is that they can use inert gases such as Argon and Helium instead of oxygen while cutting. The inert gas does two things for the machine. First, it is able to protect against oxidation of the part that is being cut… Secondly, the gas creates a cooler plasma cutting beam, allowing different types of metals to be cut through without warping or melting them.
  • The fourth benefit of using this system over traditional milling and lathe machines is that they can easily cut materials up to 10mm thick using their single electrode alone. Most plasma cutting machines require two electrodes, one on each side of any material they are trying to cut. However, newer technologies have allowed them to use just one single electrode instead of two resulting in faster cutting times and lower production costs for companies who choose to utilize these systems.
  • This gives the machine its fifth benefit, which is being able to be located close to workstations. Traditional machines have their cutting mechanism on the outer casing of the machine requiring a great deal of room for operation. However, plasma machines can use smaller electrodes and can often cut entirely through metal pieces in the open air with no protective casing or tooling whatsoever.
  • Lastly, plasma cutter machine price in india is very reasonable, and it is also safer than many other older systems they are replacing. This is because these systems have integrated Safeties into them that prevent any kind of accidental fire starting from faulty equipment. Additionally, these Safeties protect against short circuits, allowing the system itself to operate at peak production without worrying about causing damage to surrounding structures and people working nearby.

These were some excellent benefits of plasma cutter machine.

Christin Hakim

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