Plumbing Systems Types, Functions, and Installation Methods

The term “plumbing” is used to describe a pipe system. The time “plumbing” is a word that comes from English, meaning the system that consists of several tanks, pipes, and other equipment that provides heat, water, and sanitation in the construction.

Many construction projects face issues with water management to get clean water and remove polluted water. The plumbing system can solve these issues. To learn more about the plumbing process, look at the following article.

Find out about the plumbing system.

The distribution of clean water and the management and disposal of dirty water in order not to pollute the surroundings surrounding the building. Plumbing is a system for managing water within buildings that controls the installation of tanks, pipes, and other equipment. The system regulates the distribution with clean and safe water.

Plumbing systems are attached to buildings. It is linked to regional waterways, including clean water supply lines and filthy water sewers. By installing plumbing, the hope is that the environment will be kept clean and preserved and waste management will be done efficiently.

The plumbing system’s function

In the building, the purpose of utilizing this plumbing system can be described as the following:

  • Clean water for structures
  • Create a safe water distribution system for the area you want to distribute water in a structure.
  • Install a secure sewerage system to avoid contamination of the building.
  • Create an air ventilation system to ensure that the air circulation inside the building is maintained, particularly in the water treatment area.
  • Become a fire suppression system.
  • Become a rainwater distribution system.
  • Enhance the comfort of construction users.

The plumbing industry requires specific equipment.

Plumbing is a process that requires different equipment all at once. These are the kinds of equipment that are commonly used inside plumbing facilities:

1. Pipe

In plumbing, the pipe acts as a means of transporting water. Pipes are laid out so that water flows in the direction desired. The type of pipe utilized in plumbing systems is typically quite heavy and durable. So, the tube needs to be strong enough to withstand the massive pressure that flows through the water.

2. Valve

To ensure that water flow through the pipe is directed, it is necessary to install a valve. There are many kinds of valves frequently utilized in plumbing systems, for instance:

Gate valve (gate valve)

As the name implies, the gate valve functions like a gate that can be opened and closed. If the valve is opened, water flow will begin and once the valve closes the flow of water will cease.

Globe valve (globe valve)

The purpose of the globe valve within the water system’s plumbing is to regulate and stop water flow, similar to the gate valve. But, when you disc and plug the flow of water across the globe, the valve is set to form an S-shaped pattern. This pattern means that the pressure in the water can be constant and will not rise.

Check valve

This valve is designed to prevent flow in the event that your water pump abruptly ceases functioning. Installing the check valve should be done with care so it does not cause a sudden increase in water tension (water Hammer).

Pressure reducing valve

The valve for reducing pressure reduces the pressure inside the pipe. By using this valve, the pressure generated by the water is managed and is not over the limit of safety (4.0 kilograms/cm2). The installation of this valve is generally done using an extension pipe that is connected to the intake shaft.

3. Additional Equipment

Alongside the valves and pipes plumbing installations will also require other equipment like:

Manometer: regulates pressure of water inside the pipe, typically within the tube that discharges it.

Flexible Joint: reduces vibrations generated by the pump. It is attached to the exhaust pipe and suction pipe.

Strainer: filter small-sized dirt to prevent it from getting into the pipe. It is mounted in the tube that suctions.

It can be conclusively concluded the plumbing system is one for controlling the flow of water pipes within a building. To ensure that the plumbing system’s installation is precise and accurate, utilize scaffolding in the process of installation. Indosteger offers scaffolding rental and sale for a variety of purposes.

Christin Hakim

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