QR codes on print media: how do newspapers use QR codes today?

Many of you may wonder if newspapers are still a thing. Apparently, a lot of people still read them. This print media may have declined in popularity, but it continues to deliver.

One way to revive this industry is by using QR codes. This can easily give these offline materials a digital twist. These tools can then connect readers online to supplement their printed information.

With today’s free QR code generator online, publishers can easily attract readers and make their reading experience more convenient.

Five ways QR codes can improve newspapers

1. Redirect to online news pages

Established newspapers such as The New York Times have official websites that publish news articles. Having a website can boost your print sales and increase your popularity.

If you have a website for your newspaper, you can use a URL QR code to redirect readers to your domain, which can help with your ranking on the search engine results page.

You can also use the QR code to provide readers with additional details about a particular article.

2. Show photos

One shortcoming of newspapers is that they can only show one to two photos per page since publishers will have to save space. The printed photos also tend to be grainy and of low quality.

You can create a JPEG QR code to provide crisp and HD photos to accompany the articles. But the thing is, you can only embed one image in this QR code.

To solve this, you can use the H5 QR code, which comes with the “slider images” option. This no-code feature lets you create a slideshow of images for your feature stories.

3. Video footage

Online news articles can come with exclusive video footage, and newspapers fall short in this department. But you can also use a QR code on your newspaper to show videos.

With a video QR code, you can embed video footages that will give readers more information about the article.

4. Audio articles

More readers now prefer to listen to books instead of reading them, which is why audiobooks are currently popular. You can also use this logic for your newspaper.

Using an audio QR code lets your readers listen to a dictation of the news article so they can multitask. They can cook or do the laundry while still ‘reading’ the news.

5. Readers’ feedback

Some readers need to leave comments and suggestions about the newspaper they’re reading, but the problem is, they don’t know where to send them.

A feedback QR code can solve this. You can create a survey or questionnaire on Google Forms and then embed its link within the QR code.

With one scan, readers can rate or give reviews from their smartphones.

How QR codes work

A QR code comprises a pattern of black and white squares or modules, each storing bits of alphanumeric and special characters.

When scanned, it takes the user to a landing page that shows the original form of the data stored. The landing page’s URL is stored in the QR code.

Wondering how to scan a QR code from a newspaper? It’s simple. Grab your smartphone, open the camera app, and then hold it over the QR code. Wait until a link appears on your screen.

You can then tap the link to access the digital information.

QR codes for an upgraded newspaper reading experience

Newspapers have not yet died out, and while they can no longer exceed the popularity of digital solutions, they still stand a chance of becoming popular again.

With a QR code generator with logo software, readers will become more excited and engaged in reading these almost-forgotten print media.

They will surely be impressed by how modern technology integrates with traditional materials.

Christin Hakim

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