Quick Magic Tricks – The Afghan Bands

Magicians have been performing The Afghan Bands Magic Trick for above a hundred decades. With the proper presentation, it is nevertheless a positive-fireplace winner in any Magician’s or Street Performer’s repertoire. 

How It Seems To The Audience

The Magician reveals a few large paper bands, which have been created from gluing alongside one another a few strips of paper. With a pair of scissors, he cuts the very first band in fifty percent lengthways and displays the anticipated two bands of paper. Nonetheless, when he cuts the following band in 50 percent, he finishes up with two, interlocked circles! Lastly when he cuts the very last paper band in fifty percent, he ends up with one particular large circle!   

How The Trick Is Performed

To do this trick, you will will need 3 strips of paper about 10 feet lengthy and two inches large. You can make the strips from newspaper, by gluing parts alongside one another.

Make the very first band by gluing the ends of the strip collectively normally. When this band is slash it will give you two individual circles.

When creating the next band, give just one of the ends a 50 percent turn, then glue the finishes with each other. When this band is minimize, it will give you two interlocked circles.

Lastly, in advance of gluing the finishes of the past strip alongside one another, give 1 of the ends two fifty percent turns. When this band is lower, it will end result in a single significant circle.


When you slash just about every band, you commence at one particular position in the band and continue on chopping all the way all around the band until you access the commencing point once more.

The reason why you use extended bands of paper is that it will conceal the twists in the bands improved.

Presentation Plan

For a bit of enjoyment, you can existing this trick as a competition. You acquire the regular band and give the other bands to two spectators, together with scissors. Demonstrate a $100 dollar invoice and say you will give the monthly bill to the initially particular person who can minimize their band into two separate rings. Show what you indicate by reducing your band into two circles.

Then notify them to start cutting. When they finish they will be amazed to see that one has two interlocked circles and the other has one extended circle.

As neither spectator has managed to achieve what you asked them to do (two different circles), you can regretfully pocket your $100 and inform them “they need to have much more exercise”.

This is a excellent trick for older people or youngsters and will end result in hundreds of laughter. 

Christin Hakim

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