FDA Emergency Use Authorized Boson™ Rapid SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Test, Colloidal Gold, Exclusively Available from Revival Health Medical Supply, Inc.

Revival Health Committed to Transparency, Standardized Operating Process and Elimination of Grey Market Counterfeit Product.

MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif., May 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Revival Health Medical Supply, Inc. (Revival Health), a health tech, medical supply company and Department of Defense contract awardee and Xiamen Boson Biotech Co., Ltd. (Boson), a global developer and manufacturer of high-quality lateral flow immunoassay kits, announced today a joint agreement that awards Revival Health as the exclusive distributor of the Boson™ Rapid SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Tests with sole authorization to sell in or to the U.S. The partnership comes just weeks after the Boson™ Rapid SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Test received Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Boson™ Rapid SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Test

Boson™ Rapid SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Test

The strategic partnership is committed to transforming the test kit industry by offering a reliable distribution solution to eliminate price gouging and fluctuation, counterfeit and bootleg products and multiple unauthorized sales channels. As a matter of public safety, Revival Health is committed to ending the grey market for COVID tests by implementing its 8-Point Plan:

  1. A single Standardized Operating Procedure for purchase of product.

  2. Inspection and delivery through 10 authorized warehouses, nationwide.

  3. Enabling a network of authorized federal inspectors for product inspection and verification.

  4. Implementation of a real-time product tracking and authenticity solution.

  5. Elimination of sales through unauthorized distributors and warehouses.

  6. Elimination of “direct” from China sales.

  7. Standardized pricing and penalizing low price distributors and sellers.

  8. Working closely with state Attorney General offices and the FDA to prosecute offenders wherever possible. Prosecution for trademark and copyright infringement for counterfeiters and bootleggers.

Eliminating the grey market for Boson goods will enhance public safety, ensure high quality and dependability of product and accuracy of information, and end fluctuating pricing.

“As a leading specialist of in vitro diagnostic kits, we value our ability to provide high quality rapid tests efficiently and cost effectively. Fraudulent activity diminishes the value and integrity of the Boson brand. We believe awarding Revival Health with master distributorship helps eliminate counterfeit and bootlegged Boson products, ensuring our end users that they are always using authentic Boson products,” said Changgong Zhang, General Manager of Boson.

“During these times of high demand, many COVID test providers and distributors like ourselves have discovered fraudulent activity that risks the integrity of these tests. We are committed to a transparent selling process, one by which we publicize wholesale prices weekly, distribute product through ten official warehouses and keep Boson tests within a standardized supply chain so that customers can easily identify unofficial product and false claims,” said Robb Fujioka, Revival Health CEO. “Without making clear and bold moves to control the import and sales of counterfeit product, ultimately the end consumers—families and employees—pay the price by getting fake, unreliable tests. We are committed to doing our part to help drive change.”

The Boson™ Rapid SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Test Card is an immunochromatography-based one step in vitro test. It is designed for the rapid qualitative determination of SARS-CoV-2 virus antigen through anterior nasal swabs within the first six days of symptom onset.

Boson Rapid CARS-CoV-2 Antigen Test Intended Uses:

  • At-home COVID-19 antigen diagnostic test that shows results in 15 minutes.

  • Intended for use as a serial test for people with or without symptoms, meaning the test is done two times over three days, with at least 24 hours but no more than 48 hours between tests.

  • Can be used for people ages 14 years or older with a self-collected nasal swab sample, or ages 2 years or older when an adult collects the nasal swab sample.

The tests are available immediately as two tests per box with 1,4,5,8,20, and 40 test boxes available to order.

About Revival Health Medical Supply, Inc.
Revival Health Medical Supply was founded to solve healthcare’s biggest problem— How to deliver preventative care, early. Our mission is to make home healthcare and preventative medicine affordable, accessible, and easy to use. Our platform is uniquely designed to offer a robust ecosystem of hardware (testing, monitoring, and wearables), software (tracking and analytics and EHR/EMR) and services (telemedicine and e-pharmacy) to empower everyone to lead longer, healthier lives by predicting disease onset and delivering treatment earlier.

We prioritize simplicity so that our technology is accessible to everyone. Early in development, it became clear that home health care was highly fragmented and often siloed across multiple departments and therapeutic areas. As such, we set out to build a comprehensive solution that combines home testing, monitoring, telemedicine and e-prescribe backed by a health dashboard and Electronic Health Records access for an easy to use and adopt unified solution. For more information, visit and

About Xiamen Boson Biotech Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Boson Biotech Co., Ltd., as a specialist of in vitro diagnostic kits founded in 2001, develops and manufactures high-quality point of care and other immunoassay kits for the worldwide market. Our 12,500 square meter facility is operated strictly under ISO 13485:2016 and GMP guidelines. We combine the technological, material and labor resources of China and the U.S. to develop, manufacture and supply high quality in vitro diagnostic products efficiently and cost effectively. Currently, we are offering product lines of rapid tests, CLIA, and raw materials. These product lines provide immunoassays in various formats to detect cardiac markers, drugs of abuse, fertility hormones, infectious diseases, tumor markers and animal diseases. Many of our products have been approved by the China NMPA. Xiamen Boson Biotech’s mission is to provide affordable high-quality products to help fight diseases and illicit substance abuse.

Lisa Fujioka
[email protected]

Revival Health Medical Supply Inc (Revival Health), a health tech and medical supply company and U.S. Department of Defense contract awardee.

Revival Health Medical Supply Inc (Revival Health), a health tech and medical supply company and U.S. Department of Defense contract awardee.



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