Sari-clad woman denied entry in an eatery in Delhi since her ensemble was NOT “smart casual”. Your thoughts?

Sari-clad woman denied entry in an eatery in Delhi since her ensemble was NOT “smart casual”. Your thoughts?

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Sari-clad woman denied entry in an eatery in Delhi since her ensemble was NOT “smart casual”. Your thoughts?

Eateries should give more respect to their customers wearing sari, because the outfit is pride of India. In this case, the management should apologise to the woman for their behavior, which was like insulting Indian tradition.

Girish Agnani,
Café owner
Is this a joke? We live in the 21st Century and such narrow-mindedness is shocking! A person should not be judged by her/his look or outfit – it is a rule of the thumb in hospitality industry.

Chirag Parmar,
Hospital administrator
Sari is part of our rich tradition and wearing it leaves a distinctive impression. In other countries, women in saris look so nice and different. Also, many office and hotel employees wear saris every day, right? 

Shweta Kapoor,
Content manager
Sari is a world-famous formal attire and many organisations have prescribed it as their dress code. Sari is a part of Indian culture and women here majorly choose to dress in the six yards, therefore denying any woman entry into a restaurant on the basis of her attire is a violation of her right to live with dignity.  When foreigners visit India, they love to try saris. Would the restaurant deny entry to such women also?

Bhuvan Anand R,
Economics professor
Sari is one of the most popular and widely used traditional attires in India. The beauty and elegance of Indian women is best showcased in a sari. From the era of Mahabharata to this age, saris have never been outdated. It should be given importance on a priority basis in any public place in the country.

Rahul Oze @rahuloze
Saree is the most smart, sensuous, elegant, chic, & yet a conservative attire for a woman. Those who think otherwise have no sense of finesse! The restaurant should apologise and bear the total cost of the birthday party of the daughter of the woman who was denied entry.

Juhi Gurnani @JuhiGurnani
If your personality is identified by your clothing nothing more ridiculous and apathetic at the same time it would be!!!saree is absolutely a smart casual !!!If some foreigner woman entered with the same attire undoubtedly she would be welcomed with a zest and applauded for it .

Although I agree that Saree is a beautiful and elegant dress but Private Restaurants and establishments have total authority to decide the dress code. You are totally free to not visit them. It’s their loss. You have too many options of Establishments who allow saree.

renu1990smily @renu1990smily
sincerely..nonsense behavior has been done to Sari-clad woman.Sarees are like Indian women – so versatile. From business meetings to first nights, from political speeches to red carpets, from college farewells to Indian kitchens, it truly have many avatars.

Christin Hakim

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