Spectrum: the best customer service in the TV network market

The spectrum TV network is a part of the Charter Communications group. The spectrum TV network is primarily responsible for providing commercial cable TV, internet services as well as phone services to their customers. The brand name Spectrum came into being in the year 2014 after Charter communications acquired Bright House Networks and Time Warner Cable.

Currently, Spectrum has three different TV plans for its customers. These plans are

  • Spectrum TV Select
  • Spectrum TV Silver
  • Spectrum TV Gold

Spectrum TV Select has over 125 channels for its users with free HD availability. Spectrum TV Silver offers over 175 channels along with prime-time on-demand and pay-per-view channels. Spectrum TV Gold has over 200 channels for users.

There are many other options available with Spectrum like

Spectrum TV Essentials

Spectrum TV Essentials has a lineup of 62 channels. These channels can be added to your current package.

Spectrum TV choice

Spectrum TV Choice is mainly responsible for showing channels that are involved in the local broadcasting network. If you avail of the Spectrum TV choice service, you will be allowed to choose ten cable channels along with your channels that are part of your package. You can use the Spectrum TV choice option to prepare a custom channel lineup. Furthermore, Spectrum also allows its users to add premium channels to their network by the payment of an additional fee.

Spectrum TV essential and Spectrum TV stream need their users to use Spectrum internet connection as well. This is because the Spectrum TV stream and essential services utilise internet connection to provide you with your favourite TV shows and series.

As I mentioned before, the Spectrum network offers three different TV package plans for their customers. If the customers want, they can also get their internet connection and telephone services added to their TV plan itself. This would allow the customers to avail all three services at very minimal rates every month. If you are a person with a fixed monthly budget, you should opt for Spectrum TV network since they have multiple standalone as well as monthly packages to offer you.

First, pick a TV package for yourself. Go through the channels present in each of the TV plans available in Spectrum. Then make your decision about which plan you wish to go ahead with. Following this, bundling becomes very easy. You just have to add your internet and telephone service to your package, and you are all good to go.

There is a slight chance that the monthly budget of the Spectrum TV plan may increase after the first 12 months. If this happens, you can contact Spectrum chat or call them up via their toll-free numbers and discuss any available promotion offers. You can use this promotion to bring down your monthly rates again.

Spectrum customer service is very helpful and very well-trained. If you face any difficulty or problem with your internet service or your cable connection, simply call the customer service representative. For this, you can use the toll-free number available on the Spectrum website. The technical staff of Spectrum is very adept at handling technical difficulties and will help you out as soon as they can. Therefore, if you are currently based in the US, you should opt for Spectrum TV services.

Let’s look at the salient features of Spectrum TV

Availability of a plethora of channels pertaining to movies, news, entertainment, kids, history, sports, etc.

The choice of selecting channels is completely in the user’s hand.

Availability of three different TV plans which would fit in everyone’s budget.

Spectrum provides the customers all the latest sports news, music shows et cetera

A lot of channels inspector is provided in multiple languages. You can choose to go for the language in which you wish to watch the channel.

The customer service personnel of the Spectrum TV Network are very well trained and friendly. They try to solve the problem of customers as soon as they can.

Spectrum has a wide variety of channels in every TV plan. Even the lowest year that is Spectrum TV Select offers over 125 channels for their users.

The only issue that the customers have reported in the case of Spectrum is that The monthly plans may become a little expensive. If the customer wants purchase an extra channel, it costs an additional fee which becomes a little heavier on the budget.

Sometimes, getting the technical issues solved takes longer than anticipated. Despite the staff trying to help the customer, sometimes the problems may take a while before they all get sorted out. One thing to remember here is that every internet and TV network has its own pros and cons. No TV network can provide you with a flawless service no matter how hard they try.

Christin Hakim

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