Why we should plant more trees

Trees are crucial for the world. Unfortunately, more and more trees are being cut down and that is terrible! That’s why we need to plant more trees. But why exactly? Why are trees so crucial for the earth? We would like to tell you more about that, because it is important that as many people as possible find out why trees are so important.

Trees take CO2 out of the air

First of all, trees are crucial to the world because they take CO2 out of the air. In the world we have to deal with an increased greenhouse effect which is caused by too much CO2 in the air. Trees therefore ensure that this CO2 is taken out of the air. Moreover, they convert this CO2 into oxygen! So they are extremely important for the air that we breathe. This oxygen also ensures the growth of plants and other trees. Since we are dealing with too much CO2 in the air, it would be weird if we cut down more trees, right? That is why tree planting organizations believe that more trees should be planted and that’s good.

More biodiversity

Many animals in the world make trees their home. For example, birds often make nests in these trees, monkeys use the trees to get from one place to another and many small animals can also adequately feed on the trees. Therefore, it is important that we do not affect the home of these animals. If we get rid of even more trees, it also means that animals no longer have a protected living space. For that reason many animal species die out and that is of course terrible!

Important for humans

What we have now named are quite severe consequences of cutting down trees. However, if we look at our own lives we will notice that trees are also quite important for our daily lives! For example, trees provide shade and cool our bodies on hot days. Without these trees, it would be much hotter outside in the summer! In addition, trees make for a better atmosphere in villages. In fact, people are generally happier in a town where there is plenty of greenery. So we see that trees are quite important in our lives and it gives only positive effects in our lives to have enough trees around us. For this reason, it is important that we continue to plant enough trees all over the world!

Christin Hakim

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